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the myTea virtual Lab environment: DOWNLOADS

Alpha Release

We are just finishing an internal candidate release of the myTea vLab software.

If you would like to try our pre-alpha version of the software, to get a feel for the tools, and to comment on them, please download it. The software is Java-based, so it will run on any platform that supports Java.

This version of the software supports the report Events tracker and the Sequence Editor tool in particular.

Near Future

Over the next month, we are working

  • to integrate myGrid workflows to communicate with the Bench
  • to provide APIs for developers who wish to develop their tools as part of the myTea Framework
  • to provide wrappers for developers to use with their existing tools to connect with the myTea bench.


Have thoughts about the myTea vLab? Please post your comments to the myTea forum.